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Gimcare Hospital

A 500 bed tertiary care hospital built with an aim to bridge the existing gap felt in the available healthcare facilities in Malabar, Gimcare Hospital is an initiative of a group of prominent businessmen from Kannur. We intend to change the way people think, seek, and receive healthcare in the region by creating a healthcare ecosystem that will have highly-skilled professionals, state-of-the-art technology and exemplary service standards. With people centric approach, community level involvement and focus on wellness rather than illness alone, Gimcare Hospital aims to lead the change in the evolving landscape of healthcare in Kannur. Gimcare Hospital is a seamless blend of classic and contemporary. Elegantly situated in a vast expanse in the midst of lush greenery this epicenter of tranquility and peace will be an ideal place to recover from all illnesses.

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Centre of Excellence

The centre of excellence at Gimcare Hospital, Kannur Kerala has evolved as a leader in the healthcare system because of its integrated model comprising a dedicated Cardiac Hospital, Outpatient Department, 24/7 Emergency Wing, Hybrid Cath-Lab and Bedded Dialysis Unit. We offer extensive expertise, breakthrough technology and a humanitarian approach to all our patients. The Gimcare Hospital in Kannur provides a warm & compassionate approach towards every patient, this approach makes us the New Face of Healthcare.

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